It took me way too long to write my religion essay last night. And since I woke up, I’ve been working on a study guide for my history of the crusades final. There is just so much stuff to do before I finish on Friday, not to mention the mad dash I’ll have to make with my thesis paperwork!

But after lunch, as I prepared to sit back down the religious killings, I decided to take my patiently bored dog for a walk. That’s what I’m thankful for today—the means of escape. With a blanket, a book, and a dog, I took off on a nice walk in beautiful weather. Under A shade tree (nearly finishing the book I started during Spring Break . . .) I thought, This is one of the last times I’ll be here. I plan on graduate school, but not immediately. The work on my desk will soon be papers and projects for a big-girl job. I won’t be able to sayno after lunch and walk Maggie to a dog park to read for an hour. I’ll be tired down by responsibilities more hampering than the ones I have now.

And even though Maggie is neurotic and defends a four-yard radius around me in which no other dog is allowed to penetrate, my afternoon was relaxing and now I’m ready to sit back down to school work at least until Glee.

I’m going to miss fine days like these.


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